Galaxy Tab S9 is the first of Samsung’s water-resistant flagship tablet lineup

At the Galaxy Unpacked event in Korea, Samsung exhibited the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup alongside Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 lineup. The company has set a different bar with its Galaxy Tab 9 in the tech world. The company released three variants Galaxy Tab 9, Galaxy Tab 9+, and Galaxy Tab 9 Ultra. The brand launched its very first water as well as dust-resistant flagship tablet Galaxy Tab 9 model. 

The Korean band unpacked its latest flagship Tab S9 lineup, with a super classy look and ten-on-ten specs. The tablet’s most important and key point is that it is both a water and dust-resistant flagship device certified with an IP68 rate, which is much better than the IP67 rate

Samsung launched its very first IP68 ratewater as well as dust-resistant flagship tablet Galaxy Tab 9 model. 

This IP68 rate will offer the same level of water and dust resistance the company has offered in the Samsung Galaxy flagship devices presently. The company has assured that because of the certification of IP68 rate, this Galaxy Tab 9 will be eligible to survive in freshwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 metres without any damage. It’s still ongoing because it is fully protected from dust also. This means that even if the users want to go out in the rain, they can go without any worries. 

Due to the facility’s water and dust resistance, users now do not need to worry too much about their tablets; they will not have to be handled like a flower. The company stood true to its word, assured the fans of its tablet that it would be much better than the previous tablets, and finally, it was done. 

For now, this is enough, but it is expected that the company will give the facility of avoiding water and dust by adding the IP68 rating to the non-flagship devices as well. 

Well, Galaxy Tab 9 series is available for pre-order and will soon be available for sale on 11 August. And also, for the selected markets, with the pre-order bonus, fans will get a free Slim Book Cover Keyboard worth $199.  

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