Unlocked Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A54 get July 2023 security update in the US

Samsung almost updated all of the popular Galaxy devices with the July 2023 security update, but due to carrier restrictions, the company is pushing the same update to some US variant devices. Like now, the Galaxy A53 is getting a new update in the US.

The July 2023 security patch is one of the standard security maintenance updates, which includes some of the latest patches that fix several security vulnerabilities found in many internal functions of devices. In detail, the latest security update brings over 90 vulnerability fixes that are applicable to Galaxy devices.

According to the information, the latest security update is now available for the carrier-unlocked variants of the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A53 devices. For easy identification of a new update, you can verify it with these firmware versions: A546U1UEU4AWG1 and A536U1UES6CWG1, respectively.

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It is also worth noticing that the locked variant of these Galaxy devices also got the update on several carriers, including US Cellular, Comcast, and Verizon. While it is expected to be available on the remaining carriers in the next few days.

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Users who own the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A53 should get the notification on their devices shortly. Once the notification arrives, you can easily update your device by tapping on it and installing the update through the software update menu. Alternatively, users can also check the update availability manually by going to the software update option in the device’s main settings.

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