Galaxy S23 family gets useful camera & gallery features through August 2023 update

Samsung has brought a new update to the Galaxy S23. With the update, users will get more improvements to the camera and Gallery functions. To get the new features, you have to update the camera and Gallery applications. Let’s check out which new features will be available with the new updates.

August 2023 Update Camera and Gallery features for the Galaxy S23

According to the Samsung community moderator, with the August updates, the Galaxy S23 devices will get some improvements as well as some new features. For instance, the device will gain the capability of recording 8K at 30 fps and QHD at 60 fps in super steady video mode, which will enhance video quality. Now you will get a 2X zoom option,which will be available through Camera Assistant. This option will provide optical lens-level quality.

In addition, the camera processing of the Galaxy S23 also gained AI deep learning technology similar to that of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, which improved the zoom picture quality. Now the effects of the portrait mode, including Big Circle, Color Pint, and Glitch, can take videos at 30 fps, which is an increase of 8 fps from previously, when it was limited to 24 fps.

As Samsung promised earlier, the update will adjust the focus position to reduce peripheral image blur when shooting close-up subjects in the rear photo mode of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+, and it will also improve motion blur when shooting moving objects in photo mode. In addition, it also Optimized details by improving the blur of normal illumination when shooting high-pixel 50MP or 200MP in photo mode and optimizing shadow noise.

Lastly, the update also optimized the file size of the motion photos, which means you will get a well-compressed size of photos without losing the quality of the pictures. To get all these features on your device, check if you are running the latest versions of Gallery and Camera on your Galaxy S23. It is also expected that all these features will be available on more Galaxy devices in the coming days.


  • Provides optical lens-level image quality using the crop of a high-resolution sensor for double zoom in photo/video mode, and you can add a double zoom lens icon via Camera Assistant.
    You can also add a 2x zoom icon in the video Super Steady on the S23 Ultra model.
    ▷ Camera Assistant > Optical Quality Crop Zoom On : Show 2x Zoom Icon in Photo/Video Mode
  • Z Fold5/Flip5’s photo mode, a digital zoom image quality improvement solution based on AI deep learning technology (operating in a specific zoom magnification interval) is also optimized to reflect on the S23.
  • Improved normal illuminance blur when shooting at 50MP/200MP in photo mode, optimized for detail and optimized dark noise.
  • Optimized file size when shooting motion photos in photo mode.
  • Improved motion blur when shooting moving subjects in photo mode.
  • Optimized camera performance (inter-shot spacing, super-stained frame drop, etc.) to improve a variety of shooting experiences in photo/video mode.
  • Increased the Frame rate of Big Circle, Color Point, and Glitch effects from 24 fps to 30 fps in Portrait video mode.
  • Adjusted the intensity for natural face shape correction in front-facing photo mode.
  • When shooting a close-field subject in rear-facing photo mode on the S23 and S23+ models, the focus position has been adjusted to mitigate peripheral clouding.

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