Samsung Good Lock app gets August 2023 update with bug fixes

Samsung Good Lock is an important part of Samsung; it provides a unique customization ability to Galaxy devices which separates these devices from other brands. The app offers several types of modules that help users to customize different types of UI functions according to their taste.

For instance, if you download the Wonderland module, you can edit the wallpapers as well as you can also create your own wallpapers with the help of different options. So to provide these services continuously without bugs company is now rolling out the new update for the Good Lock.

Samsung LockStar is updated with several new features – Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock app latest update v2.2.04.65

Samsung released a new update of its Good Lock application with version number According to the changelog, the new update doesn’t bring any innovation to the app, but it includes some fixes for the known bugs. The main function of Good Lock is to distribute the different types of modules, so this update may fix issues regarding the installation or other processes which are necessary functioning of the app. 

Samsung Good Lock Home Up gets new improvement update

The update is also being released in Italy, a country that is among those where Good Lock is available. To download it, just go to the Galaxy Store and go to the “Menu > Updates” section. If you want to try Samsung Good Lock for the first time, just go to the Galaxy Store to download Samsung’s customization suite.

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