Android 14 to Make It Easier to Share Screenshots with Referring URLs

The last step before the release of the stable version of Android 14 was reached when Google published Android 14 beta 5.1 on August 18, 2023. Undoubtedly, Android 14 is the most talkable, as it brings customization and updates in many areas as the next edition of the operating system. We have been getting notified of the significant changes that Android 14 brings every week. On Android, it is rather simple when it comes to sharing the screenshot of the website page, but it includes the URL sharing separately.

It seems this will not be the case in the upcoming version, Android 14, as both processes can be brought together. Google intends to automatically publish the page URL when you share a screenshot of a website, according to the images shared by Android specialist Mishaal Rahman in his Patreon account. In the screenshot shared by him, at the top of the page, it is visible that the URL has been added automatically to the screenshot. This function makes use of the same API that Pixel and ASUS smartphones do.

Both manufacturers of phones offer a Recents menu where you can access this functionality with apps like YouTube and Google Chrome. However, sharing a screenshot of a website or video online should be more straightforward. It is unknown whether this functionality will be included in Android 14’s core release or a subsequent one like Android 14 QPR1 (Quarterly Platform Release).

It can be expected in two ways: maybe it will come along with the operating system’s first stable release, which will be launched within this year, or it can be set out later for a separate release. Following the initial release, the various Android versions go through some intermediary development cycles that ultimately result in the QPR updates, particularly for Pixels, the Pixel Feature Drops.

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Thanks to “Android Authority