How to take a selfie using the rear camera on Galaxy Z Flip 5

Samsung has designed the latest Galaxy Z Flip 5 device, keeping the modern and demanding audience in mind to provide users with a differentiated and unique user experience. Not only this, the company has also brought a new Quick Shot feature with the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 smartphone, along with many excellent new functionalities. 

Quick Shot feature:

To those unfamiliar, the Quick Shot feature lets you take stunning social media-worthy selfies using the Galaxy Z Flip 5 rear camera directly through the cover screen. This very useful functionality enables you to capture selfies without opening your Flip smartphone. 

Take a selfie using the Galaxy Z Flip 5 rear camera:

While keeping your Galaxy Z Flip 5 folded, you can take stunning selfies quickly as its cover screen is a viewfinder. When your Flip smartphone is folded, just double press the side key to take Quick shot selfies. You need to press either the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons to capture selfies. 

  • Double-press the Side key to open the Camera app From your cover screen.
  • For switching between Photos or Videos, just swipe left or right.
  • Double tap on the screen to switch between zoom in or zoom out.
  • For capturing videos, tap the screen, a short timer will appear, and your video will start recording. 

Galaxy Flip smartphones offer an awe-inspiring and unique experience. You can capture amazing selfies through the Quick Shot feature while your Flip device is folded. Also, the Flip smartphone is highly capable of taking hands-free pictures and videos. In addition to capturing selfies through the Galaxy Z Flip 5 rear camera, you can also take cover screen videos. 

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