How To Customize Galaxy Z Fold 5 Edge Panel

Samsung always ensures effective modifications with enhancements for each technology innovation, as with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 Edge panels. Edge panels have undergone some interesting enhancements since its evolution. As of now, numerous other Android brands have adopted the intuitive functionality of Edge panels for their smartphones and learned about the edge panels’ convenience. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 Edge Panel:

We use a lot of applications and functionalities on our smartphones, and sometimes, it is difficult to find the right app or feature when needed. Edge Panel is one of the most helpful functionality of Galaxy devices that allows users to quickly access any app or other important feature of the smartphone without wasting time. In other words, this feature helps you to access your favorite apps quickly.

Meanwhile, if you own a Galaxy Z Fold 5, you need to be aware of some of its stunning features to use the device to its full potential. One such functionality is customizing edge panels. Here is a quick guide that can help you customize the edge panels of your Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone.

Customize the Edge panel of Galaxy Z Fold 5:

To those unaware, there are already some pre-installed edge panels on your Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone, which can be used to quickly open your recently used applications, texting, weather, calendar, and more. You can add or remove it based on your liking.

How do you add & remove the apps from the Galaxy Z Fold 5 edge panel?

  • To open the Menu, Swipe left on the Edge Panel Handle, which is the grey tab on the right side of your screen.
  • Now tap on the Settings icon.
  • Select or deselect the edge panel you want to add or remove. Note that you can select up to 10 edge panels. 

How to edit apps in Galaxy Z Fold 5 edge panel?

Here, you can add those apps that you use the most.

  • To open the edge panel, Swipe left.
  • Tap on the Settings icon.
  • To start customizing it, tap Edit below the app’s edge panel. Note that the Edit option may only appear when selecting the edge panel.
  • The list of your device’s apps will appear on the screen on the left. Here, choose the app you want to add to the edge panel. You can add 10+ apps. If you see an app’s icon is grey, you will not be able to add that app on the edge panel.
  • To delete an app from your edge panel, tap on the Red Minus icon next to it. Plus, you can press and hold the app and drag the apps to change their order.
  • Note that if any app is greyed out, you can’t drag the app to a new position.
  • In the Edit menu, click on the three vertical dots icon. Then press the switch next to the Show recent apps to turn this feature on/off.

How to download new edge panels?

Whether you want Google Maps for direction or calendar for marking the important dates, there are panels for every situation, which you can get from the Galaxy Store:

  • To open the Menu, swipe left on the edge panel handle. 
  • Then, Tap on the Settings icon, which is at the left of the edge panel.
  • Select the Galaxy Store.
  • Here choose the edge panel app which you want to download and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download process.

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