Samsung to Unveil New Automotive Displays, Chips, and Sensors at IAA MOBILITY 2023

Today Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, and Samsung SDI combined confirmed that they all will be presenting at the IAA Mobility 2023 event, which is all set to take place from September 5th to September 10th in Munich, Germany. All three affiliates will work together with the aim of providing an integrated range of automotive solutions. Samsung SDI president and CEO Yoon-ho Choi will be present at the event and will meet up with some essential European clients. The provided solutions are positioned to reshape the connected mobility landscape and enthral consumers and businesses around the globe. This year will be the sixth time for Samsung SDI to attend the IAA.

Intends to reveal super-gap battery solutions for the upcoming EVs and will give the majority of its proceeds to its collaboration with elite R&D personnel from Europe. The PRiMX10 zone holds a tagline: PRiMX, Experience the Best, which is the highlighted one from Samsung SDI that will attract booth visitors. The all-solid-state battery, 46-phi cylindrical battery, nickel manganese battery, lithium manganese ion phosphate battery, and premium segment solutions will all be included in the display zone.

The firm will showcase its lineup of memory solutions that provide high performance and high capacity in areas like infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), which have been verified with auto-grade reliability. LPDDR5X, GDDR7, AutoSSD, and UFS 3.14 devices are among them. Samsung’s main objective is to become the largest automotive memory vendor by 2025. The safe driving center, which lets visitors examine the difference between OLEDs and LCDs, is displayed at the Samsung Display booth.

Also, it is explained how little electricity OLEDs use. System-on-chips (SoCs) for IVI and ADAS, power management for ICs 5 (PMICs), battery management ICs (BMICs), and automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) all incorporate the most recent Samsung Foundry technologies that will be displayed at the event. The mass production readiness of Samsung’s four-nanometer process (SF4A6) by 2025 and its two-nanometer process (SF2A7) by 2027 will be highlighted at the IAA event.

Smooth playback of heavy-graphic videos and games on many monitors is made possible by Samsung’s Exynos Auto V920 CPU, which is exclusively designed for high-end in-car infotainment (IVI) systems. ISOCELL Auto sensors that give comprehensive 360-degree automobile vision from the front to the rear and surround views (ISOCELL Auto 4AC) that assure the safety of drivers and passengers.

Dermot Ryan, President of Device Solutions Europe at Samsung Electronics, stated that IAA Mobility 2023 serves as an unparalleled platform for us to demonstrate the collective strength and commitment of our individual businesses, built to revolutionize the automotive industry through our expansive suite of semiconductor technologies.”

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