Galaxy S23 carrier-locked phones in the US get September 2023 security update

Samsung’s developer team kicked off the release of the update that brings the September 2023 security patches to the Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphones in the United States. As already announced by Samsung, the September 2023 update fixed as many as 62 security vulnerabilities found in the previous version of the software, four of which were classified as “critical” and 19 as “high-risk”. The Korean giant also fixed 35 security flaws related to its devices.

It seems that with this update, the team of developers at the Korean giant has limited itself to implementing fixes related to security and the resolution of some bugs, overall improving the overall experience and fluidity of the system, while there should be no new features worthy of note.

A couple of days ago, the September 2023 security patch for the Galaxy S23 Series arrived for carrier-locked networks such as Verizon, US Cellular, Xfinity Mobile, Comcast, and Spectrum Mobile. Now that the update has reached T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Dish Wireless, the latest update comes with firmware version S91*USQU1AWHI for T-Mobile and MetroPCS, while Dish Wireless units receive firmware version S91*USQS1AWHD.

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Basically, the September one can be considered for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series as a sort of minor update waiting for what will be one of the most desired updates of 2023, that is, the one that will bring with it the new version of One UI and Android 14. The impatient can proceed with a manual attempt by going to the Settings menu, entering the section dedicated to software updates, and selecting the Download and Install item.

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