One UI 6.0 Beta 3 update arrives for the Galaxy S23 series: What’s new

Back in early August, Samsung started a Beta program for their new software called One UI 6, which is based on Android 14 for Galaxy S23 phone. After a few weeks, they released a second beta version and made it available in more countries. Now, after about two weeks, Samsung has just released the third test version, which is called beta 3, for the Galaxy S23. Usually, Samsung puts out a new test version every 2 to 3 weeks, and it comes on schedule. 

This update, with build number ZWI8, introduces a host of exciting new features and fixes to enhance your smartphone journey. In this article, we’ll explore what’s new and improved, as well as any known issues to keep in mind. The update is currently available in the US as beta 3 and India as beta 2.

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New Features

Samsung has revamped the video player controls, making them more intuitive and user-friendly. Similar function buttons are now grouped together for easy access. Notably, the Play button has been moved to the center of the screen, ensuring you have quick control over your video playback. Video enthusiasts will appreciate the enhanced playback speed controls. You can now choose from several playback speeds, ranging from 0.25x to 2.0x. These controls are now more accessible, with dedicated buttons replacing the previous slider, providing a more precise and seamless experience.

Bug Fixes

Samsung takes user feedback seriously, and this update brings significant fixes to known issues, including:

  • Improved One UI Home Crash: Say goodbye to unexpected crashes with the One UI home screen. The update addresses stability concerns, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • Home Screen Switching: Users will notice improved performance when switching between home screens using apps, resolving occasional stoppage problems.
  • Bixby Call Error: A specific Bixby call error that occurred in certain situations has been fixed, enhancing voice command reliability.
  • Long Press on Home Screen: Samsung has addressed issues with apps sometimes stopping when pressing and holding on the home screen, ensuring a more seamless navigation experience.
  • Camera Video Mode: Users can now enjoy uninterrupted camera video mode as the update resolves app termination problems in this mode.
  • Samsung Pay Swipe Gesture: Samsung Pay now works flawlessly with swipe gestures, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment experience.
  • Device Care Automatic Restart: The update introduces an automatic restart feature for Device Care, and it adds a manual setting menu for scheduling restarts, ensuring your device stays in optimal condition.
  • Notification Icon Shape: The shape of notification icons in text messages has been improved, enhancing visual clarity and aesthetics.
  • DeX Mode: Running apps on DeX mode will no longer result in notification bar color errors.
  • Routine Functionality: The update fixes issues related to routines not working correctly, particularly in the “When you receive a message” condition.

Known Issues

While this update brings substantial improvements, there are a few known issues that Samsung is actively addressing:

  • Kids App Installation: After updating to One UI 6, the installation of the Kids app may not be possible. However, Samsung plans to resolve this issue by mid-September.
  • Onboarding Failure: Some users may encounter issues with onboarding when logging in after Samsung Pass initialization and Samsung account logout.
  • Voice Recognition Error: In specific scenarios, a voice recognition error may occur when receiving a phone call with the command “answer the phone.”
  • Google Assistant Error: Swiping up in specific situations may trigger a Google Assistant error.

If your Galaxy S23 is a part of the One UI 6 beta, head over to Settings > Software Update > Download and install to grab the latest beta firmware. The build is not yet live in all regions where the beta program is available, so it may not show up immediately on your phone. The update’s extensive changelog makes it clear that this is a major release, which takes One UI 6 one step closer to its public release.

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