Samsung Proves That Flagship Phones Can Still Thrive in a Crisis

In 2023, it’s an important year for smartphones. A report from Counterpoint Research says that there might be fewer smartphones sold worldwide. However, fancy, expensive phones like the ones from Samsung, Apple’s iPhones, and Google’s phones are doing well, and people are buying them.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S23 sold a lot – 20.81 million phones in the first 7 months of this year. There were 9.83 million Ultra models, 3.72 million Plus models, and 7.26 million standard models. That’s more than the Samsung Galaxy S22, which sold 22% less in the same time.

Samsung’s new foldable phones also did well. In the first month, they sold 1.79 million units. There were 1.15 million Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phones and 0.64 million Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 phones. This is more than the previous series, which sold a total of 1.45 million units. There were 0.93 million Galaxy Z Flip4 phones and 0.52 million Galaxy Z Fold4 phones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Affordable Flagship: Price, Features, Availability

With these big numbers, Samsung is looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the next foldable phones. But for now, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, which was just announced, looks like it could be a big hit.

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