Android Auto Error 14: Top Car Brand Affected, Drivers Frustrated

Android Auto is having new problems, but this time the error is limited to BMW cars; the new error is coded as error 14, which means the car software has not passed the Android Auto security checks. In simple words, the software that powers your car’s infotainment system is not validated for security and therefore cannot run Android Auto.

Android Auto Error 14 Bug and Issue

It is worth noticing that the issue is encountered in fresh BMW cars; the users have faced it when attempting to launch Android Auto. According to some reports, the message came after installing a language pack on the infotainment unit, while before it was working fine.

To get rid of the issue, some users have also contacted the dealership and demanded clarification on the matter. They got to know that it may take some time to resolve the issue, which means users have to wait for a longer time. However, it is not clear if it will be resolved through a new update or if they have made some physical changes.

It is also assumed that the car manufacturer is aware of the bug and is working on resolving the issue, but the company has not been successful till now. However, some users are recommended to change the head unit’s time zone, while Google suggests checking your date and time set correctly according to your time zone and then updating Google Play services on your mobile.

Apart from these, if you are having any other issues with your car infotainment system, you can try to update it to the latest version, i.e., v10.6, which may resolve the issue, or you can try classic techniques like reinstalling the application or clearing the cache of the application. If all these don’t work for you, then you should report it to the Android Auto forum.

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