Samsung Expands Self-Repair Program to Brazil and Mexico

With game-changing concepts and technology, Samsung inspires the world and creates the future. In the Brazilian and Mexican markets, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. initiated its worldwide self-repair program with an announcement today. Items including a phone screen, a charging port, and a rear glass are included in self-repair kits. They also provide manuals with instructions and all the tools required to do the service.

The main objective of the program is to provide consumers with an option for repairs, improve convenience, and let users retain their Galaxy devices for as long as possible, extending the product’s life cycle if fixed properly and lowering electronic waste. The initial repairs for the Galaxy S20, S21, and S22 series will be supported by the program. For repairing phone screens, there are two options. When a customer wants to change the display, they may buy display assemblies, which include the phone’s metal frame, bezel, and battery.

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While other customers with swollen batteries should not attempt to repair them themselves and should instead visit any Samsung retail shop to have them fixed by a professional, This program has two objectives as its main goal:

Samsung Contigo-Approved Repair:

  • This program gives interested, independent repairers access to the brand’s original parts and certified information, which are necessary components for providing dependable and long-lasting service.
  • Professionals are able to keep up with the most recent trends and innovations.
  • A variety of Samsung items, including phones, TVs, and home appliances, may be repaired with the use of guidelines and manuals available to program participants.
  • This is now offered in Brazil, and we will soon extend it to other countries in the area.

Use of Select+ to Gain Access to Special Benefits:

  • Along with the release of the new Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 foldable smartphones and Galaxy Tab S9 tablets, the firm has also introduced Select+, a special advantage for customers in Latin America.
  • The replacement of protective films and preferential access to special support channels are two advantages.
  • Other than this, it ensures priority service at Samsung service locations and in home care, both of which are accessible in the major capitals and significant metropolitan areas of the region’s countries.
  • By providing superior priority service, the help program strives to ensure additional support for customers of premium gadgets.

Virgilio Moreira, Senior Director of Customer Service at Samsung Latin America, states, Samsung is working to extend the life cycle of our devices and to encourage users to experience optimized performance of their Galaxy devices for as long as possible. This is yet another initiative in this direction, expanding access to repairs and broadening possibilities for our consumers.”

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