One UI 6.0 Brings New Features to Flight Mode

Aeroplane mode, often known as flight mode, is a setting on cell phones and portable computers that blocks wireless signal transmission. By turning on flight mode on your phone, all cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth features are disabled. GPS functions are occasionally disabled. Enabling airplane mode on your phone prevents it from sending or receiving text messages or phone calls. This is due to the fact that flight mode disables your phone from connecting to cellular towers. It detaches your phone from a WiFi network. With this mode enabled, your phone will no longer check for WiFi networks or attempt to join them.

It deactivates Bluetooth on your smartphone and also deactivates your smartphone’s GPS functionality. For safety reasons, you must activate airplane mode on your smartphone during flights. Planes use radio waves to navigate. Wireless broadcasts from and to your phone may disrupt the pilot’s operation. However, there are other times when using flight mode is beneficial. If your children are playing games on your phone, it is recommended to enable flight mode. Turning on airplane mode is an excellent strategy to extend the battery life of your phone.

One UI 6.0 Beta Update for Android 14 Rolling Out to Select Samsung Galaxy Devices

What’s new with this feature in Android 14?

When you turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in airplane mode with the newly released version of Android 14, your preference is kept. So, the next time you enable flight mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will remain enabled based on your existing settings. When you go to flight mode on most modern phones, you must reactivate WiFi and Bluetooth.

This smarter flight mode can be accessed on Galaxy phones and tablets that are running Android 14. The One UI 6.0 beta program for selected devices has been kicked off by Samsung, and the final version of the software is expected to be available globally by the end of October.

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