Samsung Calculator gets refreshment with new update

Samsung Calculator is a basic calculator application that offers you all the necessary calculation options. It also has support for engineering calculations. The main thing about the application is that it comes with all the Galaxy devices preinstalled. Now to bring a new refreshment, it has brought some new enhancements for the application.

Samsung Calculator update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the calculator application, which is coming with version However, with the latest update, the company doesn’t reveal anything new, but it is expected that it will improve the functionality of the application, so if you are having any issues while using the app, you should update it to the latest version to get a smoother experience.

To download the latest version of the application, you can go to the Galaxy Store, then search for a calculator. If it shows an update available in the search result, you have to tap on the update button, and it will start downloading and installing automatically. It is worth noticing that the application is only available for Galaxy devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

The application comes with simple graphics, which makes it easy to use. There are multiple functions available that users can use easily, like if you want to do some complex calculations, you can use an engineering calculator. The application also offers a history-saving feature, so you can easily verify the calculations you have done in the past.

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