Galaxy Note 10 Lite gets new software update: November 2023 Security Patch

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 10 Lite three years ago. Initially, it received frequent monthly updates, but after getting older for more than three years, the device was shifted to a quarterly list update. Due to this, the device is now getting fewer updates, like the fifth security update for this year.

The latest update for the Galaxy Note 10 Lite brings a new November 2023 security patch. It is one of the maintenance updates that is not part of One UI, so don’t expect much from the update; it only aims to bring security enhancements to the device.

One UI 6.0: A New Era of Galaxy Device Software

The November 2023 update is the latest security patch, which has brought several new bug fixes. According to the official documentation, the latest brings 60+ fixes for the Galaxy devices; of those,  49 fixes are included by Google and 15 fixes are brought by Samsung exclusively.

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is receiving new updates in several countries including, Austria, Bulgaria, Caucasus countries, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Southeast Europe, Spain, Switzerland, the Baltic region, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the UK, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Users can easily identify the latest update by verifying the firmware version number, N770FXXS9HWJ1.

One UI 6.0: A Guide to Understanding Samsung’s Software Update Times

If you are using Galaxy Note 10 Lite devices in the above-mentioned countries, you can easily update them to the latest version by going to the system settings and then clicking on the software update menu. You will find the option “download and install.” Tap on it and wait until it finishes searching. If it shows a new software update is available, then click on the download button. It will start downloading and installing automatically.

Samsung introduced the Note 10 Lite back in 2020; it came with Android 10 preinstalled. Later, the company introduced three major updates, including Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13, sequentially. Now the device is no longer eligible for any major updates, but it may still receive some more security updates in the coming days.

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