Google released December 2023 Feature Drop Update

Google rolled out a December 2023 feature drop update for Pixel devices. With the latest software update, the company has brought many new features, most of them based on AI. This update significantly changed the direction of the company to make its devices more convenient to use with the help of AI.

If we talk about AI in general, there are three models introduced under the name Gemini. It is available in three sizes, including Ultra, Pro, and Nano. As Pixel 8 Pro is the only device that is supported by AI, most of the features will be available for the device. The AI model that is running on this device is Gemini Nano. It is the most efficient AI model, which is perfectly designed and optimized for the working of the device. Let’s discuss the latest feature included by Google based on AI.

Summarize in recorder

Now, with the help of Gemini Nano, your Pixel 8 Pro device will be capable of summarizing all your recorded conversations, interviews, presentations, and more. To function, there is no need for an internet connection.

Smart Reply in Gboard

Users can also set smart replies with the help of a Gboard powered by Gemini Nano. It will help users quickly reply to any message of high quality.

Video boost

Whenever you shoot videos, the quality of the video depends on several factors, like lighting, stability, and more. However, now, with the help of a video boost feature, it will upload it to the cloud, where the company’s computational photography model will adjust color, lighting, stabilization, and graininess. It will also enhance night-sight video on the Pixel 8 Pro, which uses AI to apply noise reduction to videos recorded at night or in low-light conditions.

The night sight is also possible in timelapse. Simply set your phone on a steady surface and let it set it to take the timelapse.

Document scanning has improved.

A new clean feature is introduced, which helps to remove the smudges, stains, and even creases from the scanned documents directly with the camera app.

Use a Pixel device as a webcam.

Google has introduced the ability to make your pixel device a laptop or desktop webcam when connecting the bot with a cable. This is available on several pixel devices, starting with the Pixel 6 and newer.

Pixel watch unlock

After installing the feature drop update, you will be able to unlock a new potential of the Pixel Watch, which is the ability to unlock your pixel smartphone without any disturbance. To unlock your device, you just have to take your smartwatch near the smartphone. This ability will be useful when you have dirty hands or are wearing sunglasses, which block the fingerprint and face unlock features of the devices.

Other important features

For leveling up the calling experience, Google has introduced some new enhancements for your voice, clear calling, and best speech quality for video calls. This is all done by Google AI. Additionally, on the call screen, it will also provide contextual replies for you, which will help you easily respond in a way that fits the situation. ‘

There are some more customization options introduced that will help you get more information on the screen, like checking the weather condition and daily forecast on the world clock tab in the clock app.

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