Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Fit 3 early in 2024 with enhanced fitness and features

Early in 2024, Samsung Electronics will launch the Galaxy Fit 3 smart band, bringing back its line of wearable medical technology after a four-year break. On December 6, industry insiders disclosed that Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Fit 3’s first-half 2024 release date, with an approximate one million devices anticipated for distribution. With a lower price point, the Galaxy Fit is a sports band that tracks physical activity and streamlines functionality from the smartwatch-like Galaxy Watch series.

After the October 2020 release of the Galaxy Fit 2, there were rumors that Samsung could end its smart band line. The upcoming smart band is rumored to include a huge OLED color screen and sophisticated health monitoring capabilities, including a heart rate monitor, among other substantial improvements over its predecessor. As per rumors, Samsung plans to incorporate improved health indicators, which may include GPS and sleep monitoring, to provide customers with more insights into their wellbeing. Samsung is confident in the device’s commercial appeal, as seen by its planned manufacturing run of about 1 million devices.

A promotional film featuring player Son Heung-min was produced, which showcases the Galaxy Watch’s ability to regulate sleep. Samsung wants to gain more market share in wearables in order to draw customers into its ecosystem and capitalize on the impending growth of the Extended Reality (XR) device industry. As of the most recent quarter, Apple has a 45% market share in wearable devices, ahead of Samsung with 18% and Huawei with 14%, all based in China.

To accommodate a variety of customer preferences, the Galaxy Fit 3 is probably going to be released in three different color options. Based on the company’s strategic plan, the Galaxy Fit 3 will launch several months before the much-awaited Galaxy Watch 7 series, which is also scheduled for the second part of 2024.

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