What to do if the Galaxy Enhance-X app is crashing on One UI 6?

Samsung enabled the Galaxy Enhance-X app on several Galaxy A series models through the most recent update of One UI 6.0 Based on Android 14, the midrange Galaxy A33 is one of the latest Galaxy phones to receive the One UI 6.0 update.

One UI 6.0 has included several new features and improvements, one of which is support for Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X app on the phone. With the popular Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A34 smartphones, Samsung has expanded the functionality of its revolutionary Galaxy Enhance-X software.

But the users who have the app are facing some issues while using it; several users reported that there are crashes. Crashing seems to occur when one tries to use features like denoising, which eliminates noise in images, or editing images stored in the high-efficiency HEIF format, among other things. Samsung stated that they are aware of the issue and the difficulties users are facing. A fix for this will arrive with the next significant update of the Galaxy Enhance-X. Till then, users can make use of a few measures for temporary relief; one of them is the app cache clearing.

Measures for Temporary Solutions:

  • Open the Settings app, choose Apps, locate and hit Galaxy Enhance-X in the list, choose Storage, and then tap the Clear cache option to remove the cache.
  • After completing that, give the program another go and see whether the crashes are still occurring.
  • You can try removing and reinstalling the program if that’s the case.

For users for whom none of the steps worked out and are still facing the issue, all you need to do is wait for the fix from Samsung. When the updated Galaxy Enhance-X is made available, make sure you download it from the Galaxy Store.

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