Samsung’s Galaxy AI Ready to Shine on Galaxy S24 Next Month

Samsung is bringing the AI experience to its Galaxy smartphones and more. Additionally, Samsung is going to reveal its own AI model, about which we have already learned a number of its capabilities. More of which relates to AI-integrated camera abilities and image and video editing tools. At least now, we know that it will go by the name Galaxy AI and that the Galaxy S24 series will be the first to use it. After that, it will also start to appear on other Samsung phones. Although there are high chances for open collaboration with a large list of industry leaders.

The source further asserts that Samsung alone is not responsible for the creation of Galaxy AI; many businesses may have collaborated with Samsung to bring out the AI experience. All credit goes to tipper Revegnus (@Tech_Reve), who has shared the fact. This is undoubtedly a good thing, as consumers ultimately want a seamless experience rather than to learn more about the companies that were involved in a product’s development. With the data we have currently, Galaxy AI will translate phone conversations in many languages in real time. It seems as of now that the eligible languages are limited; however, Samsung will work on it.

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In addition, it will be able to perform tasks that other AI models can perform, such as creating images and simple text-based tasks. Samsung’s Galaxy AI is a reflection of the South Korean giant’s commitment to advance connectivity and technology by making AI accessible to everybody. We can expect more information from the press conference that the firm holds under the title “AI for All,” highlighting how it is committed to influencing AI’s future and incorporating it into everyday life.

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