Samsung’s New OLED Screen Folds Both Ways!

As its competitors gradually catch up, Samsung has produced five generations of foldable phones for the market. Samsung is exhibiting its future foldable device ambitions at CES 2024 in Las Vegas this week, indicating that the corporation is now looking beyond phones. Depending on the form factor, a range of foldable displays are currently available that may fold inward or outward.

However, a new changeover is coming to Samsung’s future foldables. At CES 2024, Samsung showcased a new foldable screen technology that would enable a foldable smartphone in the clamshell design to bend backward in addition to opening and closing like a conventional flip phone. Clients of the South Korean tech behemoth claim that the 360-degree Flex-in and Out display is robust and eliminates the need for an external display to showcase materials, as users can access the information even when the foldable is shut.

Image Credit: Digital Trends

It’s foldable screen and form factor are reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Though it features an external display, the company’s most recent clamshell-style foldable phone can fold both forward and backward. Even when folded, the screen allows you to interact with content due to its 360-degree folding display. Samsung claimed that they extensively tested the robustness of the Flex-in/out panels utilized in the foldable gadget. During these tests, Samsung folded the panel in extremely cold temperatures (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius), exposed it to sand, submerged it in water, and even used it as basketball hoops.

Image Credit: Digital Trends

Even though Samsung demonstrated this cutting-edge technology, the company has not yet revealed its intentions to include the “Flex In&Out” display in a later Galaxy Z Flip 5 smartphone.

By removing the need to set up an external display independently from the main screen, a phone using this single foldable display would streamline user engagement. When folded close, the display enables running additional programs. Samsung also unveiled other display innovations at CES 2024, such as the Rollable Flex display, which has scroll-like screen technology and can stretch up to three times its original size.

The firm previously unveiled this concept in May 2023. Predictions indicate that bezel-less Rollable Flex smartphones will enter commercial production in 2025, potentially making devices using this technology available as early as next year. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Flip 6 are unlikely to include this technology. However, it’s possible that Flip 7, Flip 8, or Flip 9 will get this feature.

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