One UI 6.1 AOD wallpaper feature is exclusively for Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung has introduced several new features with the One UI 6.1 for the Galaxy S24 series. Most of the new features are powered by AI, and some are dedicatedly dependent on the hardware, like the new AOD wallpaper, which is introduced for devices just like the iPhone.

One UI 6.1 AOD Wallpaper Feature

With this upgrade, the AOD screen of the Galaxy S24 is capable of displaying the wallpaper of the user’s choice. To blend it with the dim screen, the company has descended to showing the wallpaper in a dark pattern that is truly visible. It is worth noticing that this feature is available for all their models, including the Galaxy S24 base, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As you may know, the AOD function is at the top of the list. It consumes more battery than any other feature, and it may be more power-consuming when it is displaying more content than the display, but this time Samsung has introduced an OLED technology that is now capable of saving power as it is capable of working at a 1Hz refresh rate, and it is simple that as low the refresh rate, it will take less power.

This is the first device that is equipped with a power-saving OLED display, so it is obvious that if Samsung expands the feature to other older devices, it may be harmful to the performance and battery life of the devices. Therefore, it seems that the company may keep this functionality limited to the Galaxy S24 series.

However, don’t be too upset; apart from this feature, there are several new features introduced for the Galaxy S24 supported by One UI 6.1, which will be available to older devices, for instance, the call translation feature, summarized articles, voice recording, and many more. The update will be soon available for the next devices.

  1. Can we set live wallpaper on the AOD display?

    According to some information, it could not support live wallpaper on AOD.

  2. Will the AOD function activate by default?

    Yes, it comes activated by default, and users can easily customize it according to their requirements.

  3. When will the One UI 6.1 software update be available for other Galaxy devices?

    If we take the past timeline, the company may introduce the One UI 6.1 update to the older Galaxy devices in the next few days.

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