One UI 5.0 Beta Will Available In These Regions (Countries)

So, It’s not been long since we informed you in mid-June that the Beta version of Samsung’s One UI 5.0 was allegedly tested on the Galaxy S22 series.

One UI 5.0 Beta:

According to official, the Galaxy S22 – OneUI 5.0 Beta released in last week & a stable version was expected in October this year.

As was expected, the One UI 5.0 Beta program was made official by Samsung as it opened the page on its website for registration. As expected, the Galaxy S22 will be the first receiver for the program.

One UI 5.0 Beta Availability: Regions

China, Germany, India, Poland, S. Korea, the United Kingdom & United States are the countries where this program will be launched first.

One UI 5.0 Beta Registration Proccess:

The registrations are open for users to join the program through Samsung’s official website; any person has to first register via the Samsung Members app. 

Users must log in to the app with their Samsung Account and choose the “Registration for One UI Beta Program.”

After that, users can download and install the One UI 5.0 Beta update on their Device. 

Things To Keep In Mind:

The Beta software is meant for user testing and may have bugs or unusual functioning. So if a user is not comfortable with the possibility of data loss, they should back it up with their preferable app or any other method. This program needs a Samsung account, with features and availability depending on the Device’s specifications and region.

The One UI 5.0 update is expected to bring aesthetic and accessibility changes, such as OCR (similar to Google Lens) and multitasking features such as Pop Up window, etc.

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