One UI 5.0 brings four new apps for improve user experience – Did you install?

Nowadays, Samsung comes top of the list of companies regularly providing software updates to their devices. After a few years, the company became more focused on the software segment and started believing in user satisfaction. Therefore the company releases a new generation of One UI every year. To keep up this promise, The Korean giant has recently released One UI 5.0 based on Android 13.

One UI 5.0 Have Four New Apps

After releasing the One UI 5.0, Samsung has introduced some new applications which are having various functionalities; the common thing in all the applications is that they all support the One UI 5.0, including Dropship, Camera Assistant, RegiStar and Galaxy to share


Samsung has recently launched an app called Dropship, which is basically a file-sharing app that lets you transfer files between all kinds of devices, you can create your own link, and by sharing it with another device, you can exchange any file, it is noticeable that it is limited to 5GB of sharing capacity, but it is expected that company will increase it after some time. The app is currently available only in Korea. However, the company will expand the availability of the app to other countries soon.

Camera Assistant

The Camera assistant is part of a good lock module which provides all the assisting functions for the original Camera app. Basically, it provides ON and OFF options for several camera features, including Auto HDR, Auto lens switching, Video recording in photo mode, Faster shutter and clean preview on HDMI displays.


The Good lock module RegiStar is a very useful app. It provides several personalized features of the settings menu. You can set custom actions for the power button and back taps; basically, you can use this module to hide your email from the settings menu and customize search results and related rag suggestions. The RegiStar module also gives extra facility to customize your back taps. It can be set to open the camera app, capture screenshots, or perform other functions by tapping the back panel. It also lets you customize the power button with the help of RegiStar you can also set the power button to run Google Assistant instead of Bixby

Galaxy to share

It is a unique Good lock module that provides the facility to share your device’s settings with another device. This module works across all galaxy devices. With the help of the Galaxy to share module, you can share different types of settings of different modules, including Multistar, ClockFace, Quickstart, Navstar, One Hand Opration+ as well as other device setting information. Unfortunately, it is currently available in Korea, but the company should expand the availability of the Galaxy to share in other countries soon.

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