Galaxy S24 Ultra could have better-zooming capabilities with a wider aperture

The launch of Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S23 is pretty close now. As the Galaxy S23’s launch is drawing near, the rumors regarding the future Galaxy S24 series are getting stronger. Now the rumors about its Ultra model’s zooming abilities are spreading around the whole internet. It is said that it will get better zooming technology than the Galaxy S23 Ultra for an enhanced photography experience. Let’s take a look at it. 

According to the tweet of RGcloudS, Samsung will significantly modify the zooming capability of the Galaxy S24 Ultra device. Its telephoto camera will feature a Gen4 optics design sensor. Its aperture will be between F2.5 to F2.9. Apart from this, the Galaxy S24 Ultra could be capable of 150x and variable zooming, which is 50% more than the current Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom. 

Previously, when the reports of Galaxy S24’s enhanced zooming abilities went viral, we had assumed that it could feature LG Innotek’s most recent telephoto camera, which is capable of capturing images in all zooming levels from 4x zoom to 9x zoom, that too in better quality. This assumption of ours now is proving correct, and if that happens, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the best of all Galaxy devices in terms of zooming. 

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Meanwhile, leaving the Galaxy smartphones side, there is another smartphone that will be considered a direct rival to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This device is none other than Xiaomi’s Mi13 Ultra smartphone. It is said that even after getting this many changes and modifications, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is still on par with it. The real performance can only be determined with its official launch, and we have to wait longer for it. 

Nota bene, all of this information is taken from the leaks and rumors, and none of them are confirmed yet, so we suggest you believe it with a pinch of salt until an official statement arrives from the company’s end. 

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