Android 14 to restrict the installation of outdated apps

The user’s security is the prior concern of every manufacturer, and to do that, they always bring or restrict required elements from their devices. Recently, Google also seems to take such a step, which will make its operating system ‘Android’ even more reliable than today. Reportedly, Google is expected to make a significant change in its upcoming Android 14, which won’t let the user install outdated applications.

As per 9to5Google’s report, Google’s upcoming Android 14 will restrict some select outdated applications from being installed on its booted device. It is being done to reduce the possibility of any malware attacks because bandits always target any application’s outdated versions, which are easy to break. For it, Android 14 will make an API recruitment sticker which will help to stop the installation of the selected outdated app.

Let us inform you that this API will not even restrict the Play Store from installing, but it will also stop other app stores from installing the same outdated app. Not only that, but it will also stop the sideloading of certain APK files. Notably, it will block the apps that target older Android versions, which may extend to Android 6.0 with Google’s ‘progressively ramp [it] up’. Afterward, the Android vendors will also be unable to use them on their own.

Besides, over the past few years, Google Play Store‘s guidelines ensure that user keeps their apps up to date for safety measures. But Play Store’s currently updated guidelines and rules show that the newly added apps will target Android 12 at least. In that case, the developers can make a newer version of their app so that users can sideload it for use, and if not so, the ones who have already installed the older version will be able to use it.

All these changes are being made to protect the devices from malware activity so that one can not install any malware-indulge app. However, if someone wants to install the outdated version of any app due to any reason, they will be able to do that by using a new flag.

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