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Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs model 2023 available in the USA



Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs model 2023 have arrived, and they are here to take your entertainment experience to the next level.

Samsung Electronics America has some exciting news for TV enthusiasts. The company has announced that its 2023 Samsung Neo QLED 8K and Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs are now available in the US. This week, these ultra-premium TV models will begin a phased roll-out at authorized retailers nationwide.

In addition to the availability of Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs in the US, Samsung has been the No. 1 global TV brand for 17 years. This achievement underscores Samsung’s commitment to innovation and quality, and it’s no surprise that the company’s latest Neo QLED TVs are among the most highly anticipated products of the year. The TVs are available in a range of sizes, from 43 to 85 inches, ensuring that there’s an option for every space and every viewing need. Samsung’s 98-inch model, which was showcased at CES 2023, is yet to have its availability details revealed. However, the breadth of options available for the 2023 Neo QLED lineup means that there’s something for everyone, regardless of the size of your living room or your preferred screen size.

Samsung takes a different approach to marketing Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED 8K series, which was released in the USA today, is split into two models: QN900C and QN800C. These models are available in similar sizes, as follows:

  • 8K Neo QLED QN900C
    • 85” MSRP to be announced
    • 75” MSRP $6,299.99
    • 65” MSRP $4,999.99
  • 8K Neo QLED QN800C
    • 85” MSRP $5,999.99
    • 75” MSRP to be announced
    • 65” MSRP $3,499.99

Alongside, The company also announced its 4K Neo QLED TV series in the USA. This series boasts features such as Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+, offering a powerful audio experience to complement the stunning picture quality. The 4K series is available in three different variants: QN95AC, QN90AC, and QN85AC. However, as of this writing, the 4K series in Samsung’s online store is labeled as “Coming soon.”

The QN95C (85”, 75”, 65”)

  • 85” MSRP $5,799.99
  • 75” MSRP $4,199.99
  • 65” MSRP $3,299.99

The QN90C (85”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, 43”)

  • 85” MSRP $4,799.99
  • 75” MSRP $3,299.99
  • 65” MSRP $2,799.99
  • 55” MSRP $1,999.99
  • 50” MSRP $1,599.99
  • 43” MSRP $1,199.99

The QN85C (85”, 75”, 65”, 55”)

  • 85” MSRP $3,799.99
  • 75” MSRP $2,699.99
  • 65” MSRP $1,999.99
  • 55” MSRP $1,499.99

For more informations please visit Samsung US Newsroom.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 series receives July 2024 update in Canada




Samsung is aggressively expanding the July 2024 update to eligible devices, and it is worth noticing that the company is rapidly serving the update for the Galaxy S22 units in different regions. Earlier devices have already received the update in Europe and the US. Now, the Canadian units are also starting to get it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series July 2024 update in Canada

Users who own the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22+ can identify the latest update by the firmware version numbers S901WVLS6EXF8, S906WVLS6EXF8 and S908WVLS6EXF8 respectively.

According to the official documentation, the July 2024 update will provide more than 60 patches, and here, Google has introduced 27 patches to address the issues found in the Android OS.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also introduced 33 more patches, enabling Galaxy smartphones to be more secure. This time, the company has also exclusively introduced two more patches to address the issues related to the semiconductor chip.

Moreover, the update may also provide some more new system changes that ultimately improve the overall performance and stability of the devices. For instance, if you have had issues using your device since the last update, you should also check out the latest update.

To install the latest update on your device, first check the notification. If it has not arrived yet, go to the software update menu through the system settings. If it shows a new update available, tap on the download button. 

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Samsung introduces Expert RAW for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 device for the first time in foldable




Samsung has finally debuted its premium application, Expert RAW, for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 smartphones. Now, users will be able to take professional photographs with dedicated features. 

It is worth noticing that Samsung hasn’t dubbed its foldable a camera-centric smartphone. While it initially focused on only how it could bring more utility features for users to take advantage of the foldable’s uniqueness, over the years, the company has improved the camera lenses as well.

To make it more professional, the Korean giant has made Expert RAW available for smartphones. The application allows users to take advantage of different features such as ISO, shutter speed, and more.

The arrival of Expert RAW on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 opens the door for older devices, but this has not been officially confirmed. However, if a company wants to introduce the Expert RAW functionality for the Galaxy Z Foldables, then the One UI 6.1.1 update may be the perfect opportunity to unveil it.

It is worth noting that the Expert RAW for Galaxy Z Flip 6 provides an improved experience by optimizing the details of JPG and DNG image formats. More specifically, in the DNG, the part where details were intermittently lacking due to noise removal was improved by adjusting the noise level.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are getting a July 2024 update in the US




After serving the July 2024 update to the Canadian units of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 devices, the company has started expanding the update to more units. Now, with the latest development, it is live in the US.

According to the information, the July 2024 update is now live for the unlocked units of Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 devices with firmware version numbers F946U1UES4CXG2 and F731U1UES4CXG2, respectively. The locked variants are expected to get access to the latest update soon.

The July 2024 security patch will not significantly change the device, but it will introduce some internal changes that impact its performance and stability. The update may also bring some extra fixes that will make the device’s performance more consistent.

If you are a One UI fan, the good news is that in the coming days, you will get some new Galaxy AI features for your Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 devices. Along with the latest Galaxy AI feature, there will be some more improvements that level up the workings of the foldable’s functionalities.

Suppose you use the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 in the US. In that case, you can now update your device to the latest version by simply navigating to the system settings, tapping on the software update, and tapping on the download and install option.

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