Samsung SmartThings Find service has more than 300 million users in the world

Samsung Electronics has announced that SmartThings Find has now grown to encompass 300 million “find nodes.” These are registered and opted-in devices that have the potential to assist other Samsung Galaxy users in locating their lost devices.

Samsung pioneered its own search engines for the market with Smarttags. The summer of 2020 saw Samsung introducing smart beacons alongside the Note 20 and 20 Ultra, resulting in a surge of interest in Samsung’s SmartThing Find system. This innovative system allows us to locate our devices using nearby Galaxy devices that serve as search nodes.

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In the summer of 2021, one year later, the Korean tech giant declared that its search nodes had reached 100 million users, with another 100 million added within the following year. Now, in the third year since Samsung launched this venture, the company with a three-star rating proclaims that there are an additional 100 million active units in the market, bringing the total number of search nodes to 300 million.

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These are remarkable numbers, especially considering that their performance relies on the number of Samsung devices with Bluetooth connectivity in the vicinity.

Samsung’s location system has taken hold among consumers, increasing in popularity year after year and becoming one of the most sought-after services offered by the Korean company. Nonetheless, this technology has only just begun to reveal its full potential to the users.

In fact, its popularity is gaining even more traction among users, and major tech companies are joining forces to merge universal search and security protocols. This suggests that SmartTag and other location devices still have room for further development and market penetration. Thus far, their figures are impressive, and more than a few users have been saved from a panic-inducing moment.

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