Android Auto bring new bugs instead of resolving previous issue: here how you can fix it

Recently Google has rolled out a new update for Android Auto. It was expected that the new iteration would fix the issues which are troubling the users, but it didn’t come with any improvement; instead, it has brought more problems.

Android Auto v9.8 brings wireless connection issues 

For the last couple of updates, Android Auto users have been facing different types of issues; in previous updates, users are not able to connect Android Auto with their smartphones through cable, and now with the new v9.8 now, users are getting the same connecting problem, but now it’s occurring with the wireless connection. It is not working properly, as it should be.

How to fix issue

Users who haven’t updated their Android Auto to v9.8 are advised to wait for another update which will come with fixes; however, the mountain view company hasn’t responded about the next update. 

Meanwhile, Users who have updated the app to the latest version can get rid of the issue by clearing the cache memory of the app before connecting it wirelessly repeatedly. If you want to avoid this repetition, you can install the previous version of the app. To do so, you can go to the APKMirror and search for the Android Auto update; now check out the previous update available before v9.8 and install it. 

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