Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will disrupt the market in terms of extension camera upgrades

Every year Samsung introduces new smartphones in its different lineups; in these, the S series devices always catch the attention of the market because the company always packs them with some futuristic high-end specs. Over the years, the Galaxy S series devices have grabbed most of the innovation initially and then gradually expanded to other Galaxy devices.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Will Disrupt The Market

Especially for new camera upgrades, companies always choose the flagship device of the Galaxy S series; for instance, the Galaxy S23 has a 200MP sensor. Now continuing the legacy, it is reported that Galaxy S24 will also come with some latest upgrades.

According to some reports, Samsung will keep the 200MP for the S24 Ultra device, and this variant could also be equipped with a 1-inch camera sensor. It means you will get great-quality photos and videos with the device. It is expected that it will give 2X better performance than the current S23 Ultra device.

For upgrading the camera performance, the devices are mainly dependent on hardware backups, so this time, it is expected Samsung will power the camera of Galaxy S24 device with its exclusive Exynos processor, the new chipset may become the name Exynos 2400 and hope it will be a gamechanger chip for Samsung.

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Along with the sensor upgrade, Samsung will introduce a new telephoto camera; as you know, n the predecessor’s company has packed two Telephoto lenses supporting 3X and 10 X zoom, but for the Galaxy S24 devices company will replace the 3X with 5X, the which the upgrades the zooming for better usage.

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