Samsung will improve Galaxy S22 camera performance in the next update

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022. The collectivity of the features available in this phone obeys the successor of this series. The company gives numerous upgrades to this series, including the camera system, which supports the ultra model’s 30 to 100x zoom resolution. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 has broken the records of all the previous models of Samsung, and in a few days, it has become the most popular camera phone. 

Galaxy S22 Camera bugs

Many users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series have long complained that light sources appear off in photos captured with the main rear camera in low light. In March, Samsung acknowledged this bug and said it was working on a software update that would fix it. The update was supposed to be completed in March and released in April, but so far, it has not been seen.

Now the company has revealed that the development of the corrective software patch is complete and added that it will be implemented with the next software update.

Camera Upgrade : 

The company gave the second big update to the S22 camera. About this upgrade, the company confirmed in Korea on Samsung’s community forum. The update is related to the same demand coming from numerous users, which is on the captured picture; some other light source appears. 

Some users have also complained that the sky is not acceptable in images taken in low light with the main rear cameras of these flagship smartphones. On behalf of this problem, the company confirmed that the work is under process on a software upgrade which will surely fix this issue.

The latest July 2023 security patch is rolling out. So the neon sign and other light beams appearing on the capture images issue’s fix could come in August 2023 as expected. Another issue includes the low light conditions of the rear camera of the S22 model. 

Upgrade features expected to see : 

  • In this upgrade, the company will improve the quality of QR code scanning, which will make the scanner faster and more accessible. 
  • The night mode of the camera also improved. So now this mode delivers the picture with more accurate colours. 
  • Now users can shoot hyper-lapse videos with the help of a telephoto lens.
  • In capturing photos and videos, artificial intelligence improves. 

This upgrade will surely magnify the quality of the S22 Camera. Whatever shortcomings were already there with this update are expected to end. 

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