Samsung to bring One UI 5.1.1 Camera and Gallery features for older Galaxy phones

Samsung is constantly providing new updates for its flagship devices, including the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Z series devices. The updates bring several new features for the devices that improve the UI and other functions of the devices, and now, according to a camera manager at Samsung, the company will soon provide several improvements to the cameras of its devices.

According to his post, several Galaxy S series and Galaxy Z series devices will get camera features and improvements that will give users a next-level experience. The eligible devices are: Galaxy Z Fold4/Fold3/Fold2, Z Flip5/Z Flip4/Flip3/Flip 5G/Flip, S23/S22/S21. Now let’s explore all the new features.

With future updates, Samsung will provide new improvements in the quality of digital zoom in the photo mode for the Galaxy S23 series devices; however, this feature is already available on foldable smartphones. The document scanning mode will also be improved for the Galaxy S23 devices. In simple words, it will improve the definition of the text that is added, as well as be able to remove unwanted elements from the scan.

The Photo and Video editor also receives some improvements and some new functions, like in the photo editor, which will get a new function that will allow you to copy and paste various effects between one photo and another. It will be available on several smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, Fold3, Fold2, Flip 5G, Flip, S23, S22, and S21. Along with this photo remaster function, this will also be the same for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Samsung One UI 5.1.1 brings crucial improvement for large screen devices

Meanwhile, the video editor also receives some improvements, especially a clarity function that is capable of making the light areas brighter and the dark areas more enhanced to create a three-dimensional effect.

The ability to select multiple photos in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 capture view to easily share and delete them, along with the improved screen composition, means that various camera settings can be easily adjusted in Pro/Pro video mode. However, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Fold 3, and Fold 2 will be the next contenders to grab this feature.

One UI 5.1.1 Camera and Gallery Features coming soon

1. Improved photo quality on the Z Flip5 cover screen, allowing for clear video recording with low noise even in low light. (FlexCam)
In addition, it implements 2 Color Tone (Natural/Warm) modes to help you select the quality you want.
▶ In consideration of the latest AP’s image processing performance and S/W algorithm processing speed, it will only be supported by Z Flip5.

2. Improved digital zoom quality in the rear Photo mode of the Z Fold5/Flip5.
We are reviewing the support model, taking into account multi-frame synthesis and Super Resolution processing.
▶ Support model : S23 (to be applied)

3. Camera Photo/Movie/Photography modes are available on the larger Z Flip5 cover screen, and you can enjoy the captured footage right in the gallery. (FlexCam)
▶ Features utilizing a wide cover screen are only available on Z Flip5.

4. Improved usability to make it easy to select multiple photos, share and delete in Z Fold5 Capture View.
In addition, we’ve improved the screen configuration to make it easy to adjust various camera settings in Pro/Pro Video mode.
▶ Supported models : Z Fold4/Fold3/Fold2 (to be applied)

5. Improved clarity for the Z Fold5 under-display camera (UDC).
▶ Only available on Z Fold5, taking into account AP performance to handle HDR multi-frame synthesis and resolution improvement solutions.

6. Added the ability to clear text and clear distractions (finger) in document scanning.
It improves the occasional blurring of text due to slight shaking and allows you to erase the remaining fingers on the outskirts when you are holding a document and shooting.
▶ Support model : S23 (One UI 6.0 application under review)

7. We’ve added the ability to easily paste the editing effects (filters, tints) you’ve applied to one photo into another photo as well.
Try the copy/paste editing effects feature in the gallery, photo editor.
※ Gallery, Photo Editor > More > Copy effects, paste effects
▶ Supported Models : Z Fold4/Fold3/Fold2, Z Flip4/Flip3/Flip 5G/Flip, S23/S22/S21 (to be applied)

8. We’ve improved the engine to improve the clarity of photos taken with fingerprints or foreign objects in the photo remaster.
We’ve also added the ability to compare the desired parts of the remastered results in more detail.
▶ Supported Models : Z Fold4/Fold3/Fold2, Z Flip4/Flip3/Flip 5G/Flip, S23/S22/S21 (to be applied)

9. Video Editor adds clarity to make bright areas brighter and darker areas darker, making them more stereoscopic.
※ Video Editor > Tone > Definition
▶ Supported Models : Z Fold4/Fold3/Fold2, Z Flip4/Flip3/Flip 5G/Flip, S23/S22/S21 (to be applied)

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