One UI 6: Here’s What’s New

Samsung announced the launch of the One UI 6 beta program for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones. Users may sign up for the beta via the Samsung Members app in the US, Germany, and South Korea, where the Android 14-based firmware upgrade is currently available. The business shared screenshots of the newly featured camera widget, which lets users select where images are stored before capturing them. The firm improved the pull-down Quick Panel so that customers may quickly and simply access their most used features. Extra customization choices for the lock screen clock widget.

New Interface & design changes

The redesigned quick settings hold the battery option and a subdivision named Device Care.” Pictures and video settings can be modified according to the filters and resolution by adding and positioning watermarks wherever they want. Newly designated emojis look more attractive, and the weather app includes extra metrics like moon phases, sunrise, and sunset. Dark mode and the eye comfort shield were previously at the top but were moved to the bottom. Specialized, dedicated buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Just swipe down to get access to the quick panel; another swipe towards the down quick panel will hide it and show alerts. For notifications, choose the left swipe.

How to download & install One UI 6 beta on your Galaxy smartphone

The brightness control bar now automatically displays in the small quick panel when the top of the screen is swiped down. Distinguishing notifications is now possible, as each one is shown in a separate tab. If a music or video app offers album art, it will fill the whole media controller in the notification panel while playing the music and video. One UI 6 brings the feature to locate the lock screen as per the user’s preference. After upgrading to One UI 6, the new default font will be visible. Thumbnail pictures show up at the top of the send panel so that the files can be evaluated a second time before sharing. Depending on the app the user chooses to share, choices multiply in the share panel while sharing the files.

One UI 6.0 Changelog: All new features & changes

The Weather app provides more information with new widgets, and a place may be tapped to observe the current weather in that area. Based on the time of day, the backdrop color varies. It is easy to pick a video size according to preference; a line will appear to indicate that the captured image is perpendicular to the ground. More enhanced ways to apply filters and effects single-handedly. Scanning papers is simple now that the Scan Document function is independent of the Scene Optimizer. Image quality can be improved at three different levels. In order to snap pictures as rapidly as possible, select minimal to lessen the amount of post-processing and maximum for most.

One UI 6.0 Emojis get new look & design

Smarter airplane mode and enhanced battery settings can be accessed. Apps and data can be protected by the added layer of blocking security risks. Storage can be freed up according to the suggested ways. The Calendar app features the chronological order of saved tasks without opening the reminder app. Internet apps let users run audio and video even after closing. The tab list is categorized into two columns, just like in Samsung Dex. From the pinned images, it is now possible to extract and resize the text factors. With the magnified view, you can set up an ideal location.

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Source: Max WeinbachXanodios