Galaxy Tab S9 getting August 2023 Security update in Europe, Canada, and the US

Samsung is constantly rolling out the August 2023 security update to its Galaxy devices, and now the company is making it available to the latest Galaxy Tab S9 series devices. The update is available as the latest security patch.

In detail, the latest security patch brings 85 fixes that are included by Google and Samsung and improve the security of the devices. The update may also include some additional features that enhance the user experience.

Currently, the latest update is rolling out in Europe, the US, and Canada. It is expected that the update will be available in more countries in the coming days. It is worth noticing that the new update is currently limited to the Wi-Fi variant.

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Users can easily identify the latest update for the Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9+, and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with firmware versions X710XXU1AWHA, X810XXU1AWHA, and X910XXU1AWHA, respectively. The 5G variants of the Tablet will get the update in the next few days.

Users who own the Galaxy Tab S9 series device in the above-mentioned countries will soon get a notification regarding the availability of the update for their device. Once you get the notification, you can easily install it from your device’s main settings via the software update menu.

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