Google Adds Repair Mode to Android 14, Inspired by Samsung’s Maintenance Mode

Samsung is always trying to provide safety features for its users, and from those features, the maintenance mode was much appreciated. With this mode, users can lock their personal data and give the device for repair without any worry.

Pixel smartphones will also get their own maintenance mode

Every smartphone manufacturer always wants to provide the best services to its users, so sometimes brands give features to their products that are inspired by other brands. This time, Google is somewhat copying Samsung’s maintenance mode feature. According to the information, Pixel devices will get this feature named repair mode, which may be available in the form of a built-in function.

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This feature is said to be available with the latest Android 14 QPR beta 1 update, which was dropped by Google for all eligible Pixel devices earlier today. It is also reported that to make the feature fully functional, Google will provide a dedicated application, which is not available with the recent update.

Apart from these, there is no more detailed information available about the feature. Let’s see if Google will give some different options than Samsung or if it will be a ditto feature. Well, if Google provides some more options to secure the device, then it will be more useful for the users. If we talk about its further availability for Android phones, it is possible that Google may roll out this feature with Android 14 for all Android devices.

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