Google Messages Update Brings New Home Screen Design

Google Messages is an original app of Mountain View, which provides a lot of important features that make the conversation easier. For your information, the app supports RCS (rich communication services), and you can also communicate offline with the help of network carrier connections. Google, from time to time, rolls out new updates for its messaging services to introduce some new changes.

Google Messages UI design refreshed with an update

Google has rolled out a new update for its messaging app, which brings a newly designed home screen. If we take the upper part of the screen here, the search frail is removed and instead a search icon as a magnifying glass is added. Google has also updated search, which means you will get more accurate results. Now the branding of Google is stuck on the left side of the top bar.

Additionally, when you tap on the search, it will give you a grid of different categories instead of a carousel. It also provides shortcuts for your starred texts and chats here, along with features including Unread, Known, Unknown, images, videos, places, and links. Now the branding of Google is stuck on the left side of the top bar.

Google Calendar Gets a Graphical Overhaul

With the new modernized UI, Google has also removed the navigation drawer and moved all its functionality to the account section. It means you will find options like archive, spam, and blocked, mark as all read, and device pairing by tapping on the profile avatar, which is located at the top right side of the screen.

It is not clear that the new home screen change will be available after any specific update because some users are already getting the new changes without updating the app. Probably this will be available through the server side, so there is no need to update the app. But if you haven’t updated the app for some months, then it is recommended to update the app to the latest version to get more useful features.

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