Samsung Good Lock for Android 14: What to expect

Samsung’s Good Lock app is quite fascinating because it lets you personalize how your phone looks and tweak certain features. Recently, Samsung announced that Good Lock will come with One UI 6, their custom interface based on Android 14.

So, what’s new in Samsung’s Good Lock with Android 14? Whenever a new version of Android and One UI is released for Samsung Galaxy devices, Good Lock gets a big update to work smoothly with the updated operating system. This is happening again with Android 14.

Good Lock and One UI: Bridging the Gap in Samsung’s Software

In the new Good Lock version, don’t expect a complete makeover. The developers have mainly focused on improving the suite and making it easier to install. There won’t be many new features, but here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Edge Lighting+, which was previously only available on foldable devices, will now be available on other Samsung smartphones.
  2. Sound Assistant will offer more ways to customize your sound experience.
  3. Wonderland will have new transition effects.
  4. New gestures will be introduced.
  5. The Home Up module will get a complete redesign.

Samsung has said that this new version of Good Lock will be available at the same time as One UI 6. They’ve also teased some upcoming features for Good Lock in 2024 with One UI 6.1. These include the ability to customize the Game Booster feature, which comes pre-installed on all Samsung phones and tablets, to improve gaming performance and battery life. Additionally, new modules like LockStar, ClockFace, and Kids Cafe will be introduced.

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