Samsung One UI 6.0 Emoji Changelog: What’s New and Different

Samsung has recently rolled out the latest skin upgrade for Galaxy devices in the form of One UI 6, which comes with a plethora of new changes for the Galaxy devices. There are several interesting additions that come with the update, like the Quick Panel, which is changed with revamped graphics, and it is not limited to there but also comes with a fresh design of existing emojis and some new additions.

The latest update for Galaxy devices is a new visual style for the vast majority of Samsung’s emoji designs and also brings support for Unicode’s new 2023 emoji recommendations.

It is worth noticing that this is not the first time that Samsung is bringing new changes for the emojis, but it has already made several changes in the earlier updates. If we talk about major changes, the company previously introduced a heavy package back in 2018 with the Samsung Experience 9.0, which has a total of 2500 emojis. At that time, the company introduced the emoji with a faded color art style, but with the new update, the company has tried to give a 3D look to the emojis, which are looking great.

List of Samsung Apps That Now Support One UI 6

In detail, when you install the One UI 6 update on your Samsung device, it will give you some fresh changes in the number of emojis related to different categories, including smiley, food, and animals. Apart from these, the update also brings several redesigned emojis, like faces, gestures, symbol emojis, and many more. In total, there are 2500 emoji that have been redesigned.

From Unicode Emoji 15.1, there will be 118 emojis changed with One UI 6. More specifically, six brand new emojis will be available, including four new non-gender non-selecting family emojis with silhouette-based design. Along with this, there are 108 new direction-selecting versions of the six people emojis.

As the new changes will be available for the devices that will grab the One UI 6 update, if you are using a device that is running on a beta program, then it is possible that you will get two emojis described as single emoji designs. For example, the phoenix will appear as a bird and fire emojis side by side, while the lime will be shown as a green square placed after the lemon emoji.

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