Android 14 Battery Drain Issues Addressed by Google’s Timely Update

When Google launched Android 14 back in October, enhanced battery management was reported as one of the notable features. Also, it was claimed to increase the device’s autonomy by up to 30%. However, after switching to Android 14, some customers have experienced unusual warmth, high consumption, or sluggish charging related to their batteries. Numerous things, like mismatched apps, inaccurate configurations, or errors in the program, might be the source of these issues. The manufacturer has come up with a security patch to address them, which is gradually making its way to devices that support Android 14. The long-requested battery problems should be fixed by this patch, which also contains performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Fix your battery issues with Android 14:

First things first: make sure you have the security patch installed if you upgraded to Android 14 and are experiencing power issues. You must choose Settings->System->System update and then click Check for updates in order to accomplish this. What should I do to check if this actually worked?

  • Download and install all available updates.
  • During the procedure, it is advised that you have the device linked to both a power supply and a Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, kindly restart your device after applying the security patch.

This will make it clear whether the battery issues have been solved or still exist. If this thing doesn’t work, you must try additional approaches, including:

  • Calibrating the battery
  • Maximizing the use of apps
  • Activating power saver mode
  • If nothing works, go back to the original configuration.

Android 14 provides a number of choices to enhance battery performance and efficiency, in addition to resolving battery-related concerns. It is also now possible to examine the current battery level in terms of the projected amount of time left to use the battery, app usage, and power conversation settings under the Settings -> Battery menu. The adaptive battery mode, which learns from your usage patterns and automatically modifies power consumption, is one of the more intriguing alternatives. From Google’s side, it was said that this idea can increase battery life by around 10%. All you need to do is click on the switch under Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery in order to turn it on.

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