Android 14 has a new feature to screenshot detection system

The Android operating system has received several extra privacy and security features in recent years. For individuals seeking further privacy in their talks, Android 14 has included a new feature, a screenshot detection system that alerts you if someone else snaps a screenshot during a conversation. People who have used Snapchat can relate better to where they found the feature at first. It is a mechanism to restrict and identify when someone takes a screenshot of their chat. Several users encouraged this feature, as it was one of the prominent features that contributed to their privacy.

After all, a message and the chats will not remain temporary if the recipient can keep a copy of them. Though it’s not always the best option, Android apps may always use the FLAG_SECURE layout parameter to completely prevent screenshots in a certain window. Google had previously included a feature in Android that forbade capturing screenshots or recording the screen when in private messages, groups, or discussions. For instance, self-destructing messages exist in WhatsApp. When you take a screenshot of the chat, the images won’t be displayed, but rather a black solid color will be visible.

Similar to Snapchat, the new Android 14’s screenshot deduction API may now alert you if someone else in the discussion has taken a screenshot. Since it’s an API, developers will need to include it in other applications. Android Police tipster Ibrahim saw the API activity and reveals that the screenshot deduction feature of Android 14 offers complete transparency by not only alerting you when someone else in the chat takes the screenshot but also a lot of that person that you spotted their screenshot.

Still, there are some issues with the new system. Firstly, root modifications will still be able to evade deduction since the API will only alert an app when screenshots are taken using the hardware button combination. It is stated in Google’s documentation that the screenshot captured over ADB will also not be recognized. Furthermore, it’s not yet clear if an app with the DETECT_SCREEN_CAPTURE permission would be notified if someone took a screenshot of its thumbnail from the recent applications menu.

However, it’s still unclear if screenshots from the recent applications screen would be picked up by the API. Nevertheless, because we are discussing specific or “niche” scenarios, developers will undoubtedly value this privacy-enhancing enhancement that will enable them to provide screenshot warning alerts to their consumers with ease. Furthermore, utilizing the previously described methods is more difficult than it was in the past.

The snapshot identification technology, like HDR Ultra format support, is exclusive to Android 14, so not everyone will get the functionality through the Play Services upgrade this time. To take advantage of it after the applications have included the new API, you will thus need to update your smartphone to the most recent version of Android or buy a new one.

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Thanks to “Android Police