Samsung keyboard has problems with Good Lock themes on One UI 6

The folks who make Samsung Good Lock shared that the themes you find in the Theme Park app for Samsung Keyboard don’t do their job on One UI 6. But no worries; there’s a quick fix for now.

Now, there’s a bit of a problem leading to a lawsuit. It’s about the colors on One UI 6 messing up Good Lock’s job of making themes for the Samsung keyboard. It’s causing a bit of trouble, but they’re working on sorting it out.

Good Lock Keyboard theme have an issue with One UI 6 Update

Following the software update to One UI 6, some Samsung Galaxy customers have claimed that their keyboard theme is not properly implemented. The ability for users to choose the backdrop color of their lock screen and home screen appears to be the source of the problem with the color palette function. Samsung claims that even with the color palette turned on in the settings, the keyboard theme might not be what the user prefers. Samsung has acknowledged the problem and stated that they would release a software update to address it.

What to Expect from One UI 6.1: Features & Improvements

The Samsung Good Lock moderator stated in the official post that they verified the software’s inability to correctly apply the keyboard theme when the color palette is configured. Temporary turning off the backdrop screen color scheme in the settings will help to deal with the problem. They will distribute software that enhances this phenomenon very soon. Currently, the only way to enable Theme Park themes on the Samsung keyboard running on One UI 6 is to disable the color palette function.

To deactivate the color palette:

  • Open the settings app on your smartphone.
  • Move to Wallpaper and Style.
  • Click the option, Color Palette.
  • Select Color Palette – Disable
  • After that, return to the Theme Park app and select your preferred keyboard theme.

Samsung has not stated the exact time frame for the anticipated release of the software upgrade. Users should check for updates frequently and install them as soon as they become available to resolve this issue.

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