Samsung Galaxy S24’s ‘Zoom with Galaxy AI’ teaser reveals the power of AI in smartphone cameras

The Galaxy AI Zoom is one of the new innovations that Samsung is getting ready to reveal at Unpacked 2024. Beginning in 2024, the South Korean tech giant is expected to introduce numerous novel developments to its lineup of products, based on leaked information and recent online rumors.

For the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, however, which may easily outperform the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung is now hinting at significant improvements. With its forthcoming smartphone, Samsung is already aggressively focusing on artificial intelligence. Samsung has released teasers for “Zoom with Galaxy AI” accordingly.

The page where people may book their Galaxy S24 in exchange for a $50 credit is where you can find these teasers on Samsung’s website. At the moment, there are three teasers available. The first one features a camera lens focusing on a hot air balloon and revealing the individuals inside the basket.

The South Korean firm Zoom with Galaxy AI is coming, and they showcased a small sneak peek at what the Galaxy S24’s camera is capable of in their most recent release. In addition to an amusing effect that makes objects in the environment appear extra large and quirky, the teaser images show off an amazing zoom capability that goes up to ten times.

It is likely that the first clip features the S24 Ultra’s lenses. A hot air balloon’s zoom level varies depending on the lens used.

In contrast, the second video concentrates on a woman at a busy fair instead of showcasing an astounding amount of zooming in, like 30x or 50x. As though she’s enlarging a display, she pinches her fingers. In turn, that makes a plush bear larger in the hands of the user. They released another video with the same concept, making it the third one.

Thanks to programs like Google’s SuperResZoom, we have already witnessed how much of an improvement AI can make to close-up photos. Correct construction of the Galaxy AI should enhance the hardware of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, resulting in even better close-up photos. The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus models should also experience an improvement.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra is preparing to launch a ground-breaking camera feature called Zoom with Galaxy AI, signaling the start of a new age in smartphone photography. After announcing the launch of the Galaxy S24 on January 17, 2024, Samsung revealed details about the ultimate camera zoom capability, enabled by the amazing Galaxy AI technology.

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