Galaxy S23 Series’s January 2024 security patch landed in the USA

Samsung Galaxy S23 is still the top contender to get a new update in the initial phase, but Samsung doesn’t follow any rules to expand the new security patch for Galaxy devices; therefore, the company has already rolled out the January 2024 update to many devices, and now, after a long time, we are now witnessing the update available for Galaxy S23 series devices.

The Galaxy S23 series is getting the January 2024 update in the USA

Notably, the locked units of Galaxy S23 series devices have now started receiving the January 2024 security patch in the US. More specifically, the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra locked units are getting new updates with the firmware version numbers S911USQS2BWL7, S916USQS2BWL7, and S918USQS2BWL7, respectively. As of writing, the update has been spotted on US Cellular, but soon it will be available on more carriers.

The January 2024 security patch is one of the security maintenance updates that doesn’t include any new features or innovations for the devices, so it will only make some internal changes that are not visible to users.

Moreover, in simple words, the update will bring some fixes that will remove the loopholes from the Galaxy devices that make them less vulnerable and more protected. If you are also one of those who want to gain all the latest security benefits, then you should update the device to the latest version. To do that, you just need to go to the software update, tap on the download and install option, and then tap on the download button.

  1. Have carrier-unlocked Galaxy S23 devices also received the January 2024 update?

    No, currently there is no update available for the unlocked variants, but it is expected that unlocked units will also get it in the next few days.

  2. Why haven’t I received the update on my US-locked device yet?

    As it is the initial rollout, it may take some time to reach every unit of Galaxy S23 devices, so you should have to wait for some more time.

  3. Will the January 2024 update also boost the performance of the devices?

    As the January 2024 security patch is one of the standard security patches, Samsung doesn’t specify the performance boost of the devices, but it is expected that after addressing some issues, it may indirectly enhance some functions’ performance of the devices.

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