Samsung expands Blood Pressure and ECG support for Galaxy Watches in India

Samsung Health monitor has well appreciated all around the world for its smart features which can allow you to measure health related parameters including ECG and Blood pressure, but because of not getting the license from Indian government to use the smartwatch as medical device, Indian users had not receive any of the feature, but now with the recent development it is officially started arriving in the smartwatches.

Galaxy Watch users can now take advantage of official Health Monitor features in India

Samsung has made its Galaxy watches hardware so powerful and advanced so they can easily measures different health related things so to take advantage of all features several users in India have used some third party applications but with those applications not able to give accurate results, however now user have no more have to worry as they will get the official Samsung Health monitor application which will give a accurate data about different measures including Blood Pressure and ECG.

It is worth noticing that the Samsung Monitor application is available for all three Galaxy watches including Galaxy watch 4, Galaxy watch 5 and Galaxy watch 6. And it will function only with connecting the Galaxy devices which are running on Android 9 or above. To enable the support for the Samsung monitor Health, the company has already started rolling out the update for the watches so keep an eye on the update.

  1. When will the new update be available for  Galaxy Watch 4/5/6 series?

    Samsung has already rolled out the update already but it may take some time to reach every unit of Galaxy watches.

  2. Is Samsung monitor functionality also available for Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3?

    Currently, there is no confirmation about these watches, but as they also support functionality outside of India, it is possible that they will also get access to the Samsung monitor application.

  3. Will the update be available for all the Bluetooth-only Galaxy Watches as well?

    Yes, it is also available for the Bluetooth variant of Galaxy watches.

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