Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3.2 update available only for Pixel 5a

Last month, Google released the Android 14 QPR2 beta 3.1 update for its Pixel devices, which aims to provide some fixes that ultimately boost the performance and stability of the features available under the Pixel devices. Now, moving forward, the company has brought a new QPR2 Beta 3.2, but it is available for the Pixel 5a devices.

The latest beta update is a small fix update that aims to address the issue that is causing the device to boot slowly and the user interface to lag or freeze; the issue is encountered after installing the QPR2 beta 3.1.

The latest update for Pixel 5a is coming with the version number AP11.231215.010. It includes the update that is still using the same January 2024 security patch.

If you are using the Pixel 5a device, you can easily update your device to the latest update just by enrolling the device in the Android beta program; once done, you will get the update directly through the OTA.

For your information, the Pixel 5a was launched back in 2021. Google has decided to give three years of software updates, which includes three major updates as well, and the device has already received all three of them, which means it will no longer be eligible for any further major updates, and the security update will be available in August.

Issues resolved for Pixel 5a 

Google has addressed a plethora of issue which is causing the device slow booting and the user interface to lag or freeze here is the list of issues you can check them all by tapping on the link: 

Issue #319569049Issue #320448474Issue #319955479Issue #319821310Issue #320344977Issue #321090690Issue #319600937Issue #320795448Issue #319642397Issue #321530109Issue #320395938Issue #322320176Issue #319908085Issue #322075476Issue #321780414

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