Samsung DeX with One UI 5.1 will raise the multitasking abilities of your phone

The recently-launched One UI 5.1 update has brought various new features and services with it, which will help you to enhance your mobile experience. These novelties are related to CameraGallerySharingConnectivityCallingMultitasking, and more. The update has also brought improvements and modifications to Samsung’s services, such as Samsung DeX, Bixby Routines, Samsung Internet, and more.

One UI 5.1 multitasking with Samsung DeX

Informatively, today we will focus on Samsung DeX’s multitasking-related improvements only. Firstly, let us tell you Samsung DeX is a feature which lets the user connect their device to an external display to get a desktop computing experience. Additionally, you can even connect a Keyboard and Mouse to your device with the DeX service. The One UI 5.1 has brought plenty of changes to this service, so let’s have a look at them. 

According to Mihai Matei, who has used DeX in One UI 5.0 and 5.1 both, with the 5.1 UI update, DeX became better than before. He said that with the One UI 5.1 update, the taskbar had adopted a desktop system-like look, which has a mini calendar as well. Besides, the DeX interface has taken only 2 seconds to open a total of 25 tabs in the Google Chrome service, which took 10 seconds to complete in the One UI 4.1 update.  

Apart from this, the One UI 5.1 update offers new ways to resize application windows. Now you can merge two different windows together while using the split mode; you can even resize them at the same time, which will be indeed helpful while opening two apps at the same time. The windows resizer now works kind of like windows; you can drag the divider to the centre of the screen to resize them. 

Conclusively, the One UI 5.1 update has improved the functionalities of Samsung DeX, as well as the multitasking experience. Besides Samsung DeX, if you want to know more about the One UI 5.1’s novelties, you can check them out here in our previous articles. 

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