Download 2023 Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy phones: Art, Cityscapes, landscapes, life, solid colours, textures, and more

Every smartphone users want that their device should have up-to-date features for his device. To do so there is only one option to install the latest update; the new software update includes several new features and improvements as we as a more stylish interface, especially in Galaxy devices; there are a lot of tools available in the online app store, i.e. Galaxy store, for instance, you can use Good Lock, widgets etc.

But on the other hand, the most crucial part of any device screen is its background; firstly, you notice when you press the power button, the first screen appears, whether it’s the lock screen or home screen, both of the screens include a background image as wallpaper, it is the main components of the device which reflects your personality, so you should always try new wallpapers which suits your mood. 

You can choose a variety of wallpaper from the inbuilt library of wallpaper present in every Galaxy device. But if you didn’t get the desired wallpaper from there so you can also explore some new wallpapers from the wallpaper app, which is owned by Google; you can easily find it on Play Store. Recently, Google has added some new wallpapers to the app. Let’s talk about it.

As per reported by 9to5Google, there are some new additions spotted in the wallpaper app; in some categories of wallpaper, Google has updated their cover images. There is some new wallpaper added under this list:

  • Art: Love, Pixel 
  • Cityscapes: Cityscapes 
  • Landscapes: Photo by VictorAerden
  • Life: Life
  • Solid colors: Soft Violet
  • Textures: Textures

All these categories have got new wallpaper, don’t be confused; some of the categories share the same name. The most notable thing is that now the Art category has got the pixel 5a’s default background which is now available for all android devices.

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