Samsung Keyboard have new enhance typing accuracy feature with One UI 5.1

If we talk about the extra functionality to the devices, Samsung is always ahead in this, and the company has always given some new and interesting features that are useful for its users. There are several features available that are hidden from the users, but you can easily access them if you have the proper information. In this article, we will learn about one of these features which is available on your Samsung keyboard.

Reduce your typing mistakes with this feature

As you know, the Samsung keyboard offers several functions which give you next-level typing experience and also give you some intuitive features that make chatting more interesting. For instance, you can type in 370 languages, and you can customize keys accordingly, like resizing the keyboard, number keys, and Alternative characters (for more customization, you can also go to keys cafe ). But having these many features doesn’t help you to type accurately. But for this problem, the Samsung keyboard has a hidden option in the settings that helps you to type accurately. Let’s know how to turn on the feature.

Samsung Keyboard: How to turn on the enhanced accuracy feature

  1. First, open your keyboard in any application;
  2. Then tap on the gear icon, which is present on the top of the keyboard;
  3. Now you will see more typing options; just tap on it;
  4. Here just turn on the enhanced accuracy option.
  1. Alternatively, you can also turn this on by going to the system settings;
  2. Then search Samsung keyboard, then touch it after it appears in the search results;
  3. Now tap on more typing option and turn it on.

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