Joe Biden affirms that semiconductors will once more be produced in the US

Semiconductor manufacturing in the United States has a high demand globally and holds a place among countries that are manufacturing almost 50% of semiconductor demands in early 2023. After that, the BIS cited China’s use of advanced semiconductors used in their military as the main reason for the new export bans. The United States asserts that China’s possession of advanced semiconductors grants them the capability to manufacture sophisticated military systems, such as weapons of mass destruction. This access enhances their military decision-making, planning, and logistics while also facilitating the utilization of autonomous systems alongside human involvement.

A recent tweet by US President Joe Biden has become a major announcement. He reaffirmed the government’s emphasis on American semiconductor manufacturing. The biggest chip makers are Samsung and TSMC, and they have plants in China and South Korea. The government introduced the CHIPS and Science Act earlier, granting subsidies and incentives in an effort to draw top chip designers and manufacturers.

Samsung Chip Division Back in Action: Approves First Investment in Half a Year

President Biden tweeted,” America invented semiconductors. We made them smaller, faster, and more powerful. Semiconductors power almost everything in our lives, and thanks to my Administration’s Investing in America agenda and the CHIPS and Science Act, they’ll be made in America again.”

In America’s Texas, the former is getting to open a new semiconductor fab. To compete with China, the US keeps facilitating the localization of OEM manufacturers.

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