Here is the code name of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ codename has been made public today with information from the reliable source GalaxyClub. The top smartphones, being produced in South Korea and scheduled for release in early 2024, are being developed under this project name. For instance, the Galaxy S21 was codenamed Unbound, while the Galaxy S20 series was developed under the moniker Hubble. The Galaxy S23 was codenamed Diamond, whereas the S22 was known as Rainbow. The official name of the Galaxy S24, as revealed by Samsung, is now known.

The tradition at Samsung is to create cutting-edge smartphones under a project or code name that belongs to the company alone. The Galaxy S24 series is known as “Muse” internally at Samsung. The Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra might be the three devices in the company’s upcoming high-end smartphone portfolio. “Muse 3” is the codename for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, while “Muse 1” and “Muse 2” might be the codenames for the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ respectively.

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera may disappoint your expectations

It has been confirmed that the Muse 3, the S24 Ultra, indeed contains a telephoto camera with a 5x optical zoom, despite many technical specifications still being unknown. The Galaxy S24 series won’t debut from Samsung for a while, of course. The conventional top model in the 2024 range, which isn’t foldable, should eventually be this one. On the non-Ultra variants, the information is significantly less abundant. It will take at least seven to eight months to gain valuable information about Project Muse.

Android smartphones are more intuitive than iOS: Report

This is surely noteworthy because a Korean news source suggested Samsung would discontinue the S24 plan in 2024. Roland Quandt, a journalist for WinFuture, was the one who most famously refuted the allegation at that time.

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